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Myresh murpi


Pemba Gurung is a very professional trekking guide he helped us everything very well! He has many years of experience for trekking and touring in Nepal, great communication skills and speaks excellent English. He took good care of me when I was sick; made sure I was safe and comfortable and always made sure I was having a good time as a solo trekker. Pemba has much knowledge of all trekking areas in to Nepal, and well management by Nepal Wide Adventure.  Really nice team i enjoyed a lot having my holidays with this beautiful people in beautiful country to do trekking in Himalaya.Nepal is also an awesome country with very nice people and a peaceful spirit. I went to Nepal several times and I will never get tired of it.  Pemba always had one of the biggest and best smiles in Nepal; he will put you in touch and provide interaction with the beautiful people, culture and mountains of Nepal. Truly amazing trip it was for me. If anyone interests to visit in Nepal do not hesitate to contact Nepal wide adventure.

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