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Flight Delay or Cancellation in Nepal

delays or cancellation in Nepal is the climatic variability in every different season. The bad weather conditions like foggy, heavy rain, high winds results to the flight delays or even get cancellation sometime. Therefore, most of the flight can’t take in winter and rainy seasons. Tribhuwan International Airport is only one international airport in Nepal this airport lacks the Instrumental Landing System for the domestic flights due to which the flights in adverse weather conditions are cancelled considering all of the of the air passengers safety.

Basically, mid January to end February is considered as flight delay or even flight cancelled due to the bad time for all the domestic air carriers in Nepal. Sometime in Nepal monsoon flights also not that sure to fly because  heavy rain and clouds in sky. Generally, during the summer and spring seasons the flights take off and land in their fixed time at that time is very less chance to delays and cancellation During this season, the hills seem to the colorful and the sky is so clear that you will be able to have amazing vistas including that of mountains, landscapes, and more. Because of amazing weather, the major trekking trails in Nepal such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and so forth are filled by the travelers. The spring is one another most popular season for trekking in Nepal which falls from March to May. The weather is warmer and the day is longer.

The flight delay or cancelation has caused makes more trouble in tourism sector especially on the field of tourism. Nepal is biodiversity country and here we can see many tourists come to Nepal and get disheartened due to the delays flights or cancellation. It is disappointing on their planned schedule also hard to managed time. Nepal has many domestic internal Flights like Chitwan, Pokhara etc. sometime even if flight has cancelled than alternative options isby road transport can be opted in to our destinations. But flight to Lukla, sometime if flight get cancellation than we getaway to the Everest can cause a main problem. Lukla airport is one of the highest airport and itself is located in dramatic mountain location therefore taking off and landing the flights in cloudy or foggy even rain weather can be too dangerous. Therefore, we would mention an extra day in Nepal is highly recommended to all the travelers in Nepal.

Nepal Wide Adventure highly ensure you to have an extra day, In case, you don’t have any extra day  in your travelling period with us and if flight get delay or cancellation, we charter a helicopter for you to ensure that your trip. The bill of the charter service will be provided to you later and you can claim the amount from your travel insurance.

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